Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland




Warm Water Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

Warm Water Under floor heating is the most efficient wet heating system to use with any heat source and in particular increase the efficiency of modern fossil fuel condensing boilers, ground source, air source heating pumps, biomass and solar energy.

We supply warm water under floor heating systems throughout Northern Ireland.

Because of the large surface area of the under floor heat emitter in comparison with traditional radiator systems the temperature of the heating water can be drastically reduced without any loss in heating comfort, in fact there is an increase in comfort, this results in increased efficiency in the following  areas.

  • Modern oil or gas condensing boilers are most efficient at lower water temperatures, this makes warm water under floor the ideal partner for these boilers.

  • The vast majority if not all off the major heat pump manufacturers recognise warm water under floor heating as the ideal partner for their products. The best heat pumps have inverter driven motors and controls which optimise the water temperature due to heat demand and therefore increase the efficiency of the pump. The ability of warm water under floor heating to create heating comfort from very low water temperatures makes it the ideal solution.

  • Under floor heating systems that distribute from thermal store cylinders that collect heat from variable heat sources including renewable energy systems like solar, biomass and wood chip will sustain the output of the thermal store for longer because of the lower water temperature being used. This can be further sustained by the use of optimising controls similar to that used in the heat pumps.

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteAt Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to full integrate our systems for use with any energy system or indeed multiple energy systems and will be happy to provide you with a free quotation for under floor heating as well as thermal stores, heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

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