Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland




Electric Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

Electric Under Floor HeatingWe are the exclusive agents in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for the technically advanced AHT Amorphous Metal Ribbon Mat System and we sell it extensively across the UK and Ireland.

AHT Electric ribbon mats have the largest surface area and the thinnest layer of any system on the market and is the only under floor heating system that can be installed directly under all types of floor covering.

Our AHT under floor heating system radiates a comfortable even warmth that is comfortable, quiet  and safe to the occupants of the room. The AHT mats have an extra wide ribbon which eliminates cold spots and allows the product to reach a specific power outlet level at a lower temperature.

Due to the low working temperature of the AHT heating element it fits directly under every type of floor covering - under timber or parquet flooring without damaging colour, lacquer, adhesives or physical properties – under carpet with no overheating or damage to carpet material – under tiles within the tile adhesive.

Whether you are building a new home or refurbishing an existing one AHT’s heating mats offer the perfect heating solution. The ultrathin flexible mats can be applied to the existing floor without the need for complicated structural changes - e.g installing a new wood or tiled floor simply install the mats first and your new floor is heated and you free up your wall space.

AHT underfloor heating will reach the desired room temperature faster than any other product available on the market today. This reduces the systems operating time and therefore its energy consumption

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteThe AHT mats are designed , manufactured and certified according to the most rigorous electrical safety standards and have been tested and found to have negligible electromagnetic radiation and have a 15 year warranty if installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.